Yeah so we don’t blame you for not getting excited about this one, but often it’s the boring little products that are the most useful. That is entirely the case with the Zefal Dry Hand Cleaner that BiCorp sent out to us, knowing that we regularly show up at their offices with grubby hands.

This is exactly what it says on the tin; a hand cleaner for home and shop mechanics that allows you to clean off grease and muck from your hands without any water necessary. It’s ideal if you work on your bike in the shed or garage and don’t have access to running water, so you can scrub off your mess before you go staining doors and bathroom sinks when you head back inside.

Take one dirty hand (or even two if you like)

Spray on your hands (as tempting as it is, turns out it isn’t a great hair product)

Vigorously rub hands together

And hey presto; clean hands!

Zefal make a whole host of other clever “why didn’t I think of that?!” products, so if you like the idea of a dry hand cleaner, hit up your local bike store for a bottle.