Here’s some very good news for 29er riders and shorter folk from the Germans behind Syntace. The brand new Flatforce stem that is designed to provide the lowest cockpit position possible is now available in more comprehensive range of lengths due to demand from the Australian and North American markets. The Flatforce stem comes with both a very short stack height for the steerer clamp area (just 27mm tall) as well as an aggressive angular drop that is designed specifically for dropping down the handlebars.



Here’s the word from Aussie importer, eightyonespices:

“I have just received some great news from Syntace headquarters concerning plans for the all new Flatforce stem, a very unique design, the first of its kind, with a steerer clamp build height of only 27mm, requiring a steerer length of only 22mm min insert depth (record breaking world wide as far as we are aware!), and the bar being placed with a negative 12mm from top of headset – to date an unseen construction. Given the company’s origin, proximity to the alps, and the majority of European customers using the stem on All Mountain bikes (such as sister company’s popular Liteville bikes) in steep terrain, the stem was originally only designed to become available in 44, 55, 66, and 77mm lengths suitable for this application where a slighty longer top tube but shorter cockpit are advantageous. However, the demand from Australia and America which lies in the use for 29er XC race hardtails for such a stem, has been heard, and Syntace are now also planning 88, 99 and 111mm lengths to cater for these markets also. These lengths are planned for availability after Eurobike 2013.” 


Currently, EightyOneSpices is expecting lengths 55, 66, 77mm to become available in June, with more sizes to follow. We’ve been testing the regular Megaforce stem, which features much of the same design characteristics as the Flatforce. The attention to detail is impeccable, and the broad profile makes for a very stiff platform even when paired with wide riser bars.
The Flatforce stem is expected to sell for $149, and you can find out your nearest Syntace stockist via