Cross-country whippit, Anna Beck, rocked up to the Queenland’s Avanti 6 Hour Enduro hoping to have some fun and build some good kilometres into her legs.  She was surprised at how much the experience hurt, but we were not.  She did ride the event on a singlespeed after all.

Two Wheels Promotions’ Annual Avanti 6 Hour Enduro was held on the ninth of May, and is the event promoters’ most popular event. The action took place at Canungra, a fun little track that featured hot open paddocks, cool, dark and leafy low points, sandy loose descents and killer switchback climbs. The largely untechnical nature of this course was begging for a bit of love from some newer riders meaning nearly 300 riders graced the course on the day.

“Why is this format so popular?” I wondered. Surely once someone’s completed a six-hour lap race once, they would have the common sense and memories to abort entering any future events that are ‘Enduro’ in nature. Perhaps it’s like childbirth—all those ‘feel good’ chemicals make you forget how despairing and harrowing the 24 hours of pushing a watermelon out of your nether regions actually is (or so they tell me…yeuch!).

Instead of Oxytocin, us bike riders have Adrenalin and a system full of multi-caffeinated gel’s buoying us up, telling us that the race wasn’t as hard as it felt when we were out on track, teeth gritted and legs burning. I must be really stupid, then, to have signed up to the Avanti 6 hour Enduro, goin’ it solo on a singlespeed. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Either that or I respond far too well to those gels that have wiped my memories of past 6 and 8 hours races of torture.

On the brighter side, I am always surprised at how good coffee tastes after one of those epic days in the Sham-Wow, and how much of a lifesaver Sham-Wow cream is (if you don’t have some and are planning mega epic kilmetres, get some—your nether regions and love life will recover all that much quicker)!

At the end of the day, Tim Wynan smashed the solo men’s category, while I surprised myself by taking out the solo women’s category. As the blisters heal, the sunburn fades away, my back quits it’s aching and I can eat normal food again without throwing up, I find myself wondering whether other upcoming endurance events aren’t that bad after all. It’s nice to know that I can always make it a bit easier on myself by taking some gears and a mate along for the ride, but, I wonder if this less-hurty option will mean the coffee tastes as good on the other side of it?!

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