There are few cycling brands produce the sheer range of bicycle tools, pumps and accessories that Topeak do. Chances are that if you need a storage solution for your mountain, road or commuter bike, Topeak have got a nifty little product for you. Huge range aside, they also have a habit of producing well-exceuted products with innovative features that put them a step above the usual generic gear that you see so regularly. We don’t normally get excited about things like multi-tools or floor pumps, but ask any of us in the office which products we choose to use in our own bike sheds, and there’s a strong chance you’ll hear the Topeak name mentioned more than a few times.


The Airbooster Race Pod is an example of one such product from Topeak, which is designed as an all-in-one storage solution for racers and trail riders wanting a minimalist setup for carrying a spare tube and tools. It’s also the perfect answer for those riders that normally resort to taping tubes and tools to their bike in the search for keeping things lightweight. The Airbooster achieves a similar result, just in a much more ergonomic package.


Out of the box, the AirBooster Race Pod comes with two 16gm CO2 cannisters, two tyre levers, an adjustable carrier, a neoprene bag and the AirBooster inflator. It straps onto most seat posts thanks to a flexible plastic retainer that is then secured via a large velcro strap.


The neoprene bag is designed to be employed when you’ve also got a tube piggybacked onto the AirBooster Race Pod, so any sharp edges are shielded from the rubber tube. All up, it’s a very neat package that gives you everything you need, and nothing you don’t. For those racers who shun carrying a mini-pump and a multi-tool during a 100km marathon or 12 hour enduro, the AirBooster is the ideal solution that discourages you from carrying any more than you have to.

Topeak AirBooster Race Pod
Presta/Schrader compatible
Includes: 2 x tyre levers, 2 x CO2 cartridges, AirBooster inflator, seat post mount, neoprene bag
Weight: 173 grams
RRP: $49.95


For the traditionalists out there, nothing quite beats the versatility of a proper saddle bag however, and Topeak make what is possibly the largest range of saddle bags on the market. The main reason we reached out to Topeak was that the last couple of bags we’ve used have either had a tendency to dismount on really rough sections of trail, or just disintegrate over time.


We’ve got a larger Topeak Wedge QR bag on review, which has heaps of room for a spare tube, multi-tool, tyre levers and space for you to throw in your phone, wallet and keys too. It uses a single compartment with a zip for closure, though larger bags are available from Topeak with multiple pockets if you need.


The Wedge QR saddle bag utilises a clip-in bracket for mounting the bag to the saddle, with a plate that bolts onto the rear portion of the saddle rails. The advantage of this system is that you’re not relying on velcro for the bag to remain attached to the bike. It’s also super quick to remove and install.

Topeak Wedge QR Bag
Volume: 0.8L
Constructed from 1000 Denier Nylon with 3M reflective strip
Weight: 135 grams
RRP: $24.95


Ph: (02) 8882 1900