We’ve had a plethora of night lights turn up at the offices in recent weeks, and as such we’re ready to take on The Little Monsters under the bed. Ready to do some serious damage is this neat all-in-one offering from US brand Light & Motion called the TAZ 1200. We’re not sure if L&M are fans of Looney Toons or perhaps are abbreviating “Terminating Aggressive Zombies”, but regardless of its namesake, the 1200 appears to be a sweet little rechargeable night light suitable for a wide range of riding conditions.


The TAZ series makes up Light & Motion’s “Crossover” range that is designed to appeal to riders who need a light for a bit of everything; commuting, mountain biking, back country road riding and even camping. They use an all-in-one body that houses the mounting bracket, the Lithium Ion battery pack and the LED globes. There are two versions available; the TAZ 800 and the TAZ 1200, with the number denoting the lumen rating.


The 1200 we have on review punches out a claimed 1277 Lumens, which L&M explain in detail is a measured output that is far more honest than some other brands. Regardless of their claims, we can testify that this is one bright light and is definitely one of the most powerful units we’ve had come through the office.


The TAZ lights are built specifically for handlebar mounting, so unless you have a round metal bar stuck onto your helmet, this won’t be going on top of your lid. However, this specific design means L&M have not been restricted by weight (as much as a helmet specific light) or by the battery pack, and so they’ve been able to pack in some decent burn time from the 1200, which is claimed between 1.5 – 18 hours depending on the power setting. A big fat rubber band allows for secure handlebar retention, with multiple positions to accommodate any bar diameter.


As with all modern rechargeable night lights, the TAZ utilises a micro USB charger for topping up the battery via your computer or iPhone charger. Interestingly, there is no AC adapter included with the light, so for the 3 people in the world without an i-product or a computer, you might want to visit the electronics shop (sorcery!) to get one.


A simple package for simple folk like us!


While the TAZ 1200 has more than enough power for off road usage, it will be interesting to see how the beam pattern compares to other dedicated MTB lights, as this is an easy way for a good light to be ruined. We’ll be running the L&M light through its paces on the work commute as well as on early morning road rides to see if this is a one trick pony or a jack of all trades. As it stands, the TAZ is a simple and compact little unit, and while it does look like a basic commuter light, it’s whats beneath the bonnet that counts and the numbers are certainly promising.

The TAZ 1200 is estimated to sell in shops for $389, with the TAZ 800 expected to be about $299.

For more information, check out Aussie importer www.JetBlackProducts.com.au to check out the Light & Motion range.