Well it’s that exciting time again! The latest issue of Enduro Magazine is currently in production at our local printers, and we’re gearing up to start sending out copies to our subscribers, bike stores and newsagents all around Australia in the coming fortnight. While we love every issue that we pour our heart and soul into, we’re pretty darn excited about Issue #25 in particular, and we especially think you’ll love the front cover…
With the latest issue around the corner, now is the time to get your subscription in, and we thought we’d take the opportunity to show you some of the schwag you can hook yourself or a riding mate up with if you subscribe to Enduro Mag. Read on!


If your hand are feeling clammy and you’re sweating bullets at the thought of missing out, don’t bother reading further and head to our Subscriptions Page. An annual subscription to Enduro Magazine starts at just $29.95, which gets you 4 fresh copies of Enduro personally posted to your front door, so you don’t have to deal with Doris and the smell of her smoke-stained cardigan down at the local newsagent.

However, we also have a range of package options available with your Enduro subscription so you can get yourself a brand new set of grips, a swanky Enduro riding jersey, a pair of sunnies or even a Sigma computer! These are packages we’ve put together with some of our suppliers so that we can put together a sweet deal for our regular readers.


In a recent online survey, it turns out that ESI grips are by far the most popular grip of choice by Enduro readers. Convenient then that we have ESI grips available in our subscription package! If your current grips are looking a bit tatty or just stained with grease, add a bit of class back to your steed with a fresh set. We’ve also got Lizard Skins chainstay protectors for those wanting to shield their frame from the wrath of the chain and to keep your bike stealthy quiet.



For the ultimate custom look, we have pairs of Lizard Skins Charger lock-on grips that come complete with laser etched graphics on the anodized locking collars – pretty sweet huh?IMG_2347

The Lizard Skins Charger grips are available with a subscription of 4 issues of Enduro for just $54.95 total. That means you’re getting a pair of $50 grips for half price – now you’re talking!


With a range of casual shirts, riding jerseys, grips and a whole bunch of other schwag, a subscription package to Enduro Magazine is a tops way to get yourself a wee gift for a riding mate or significant other.
To check out our range of packages, check out the Subscriptions Page for more info on how to sign up!