Having staked their claim in the motocross scene over the past 35 years, well-known British brand Renthal are beginning to make headway into the mountain bike market with a growing range of cockpit components and driveline products. With a number of well-placed sponsored riders including Chris Akrigg, Sam Hill and Troy Brosnan, the company has quickly developed a reputation for quality gear for the harder riders of our sport. Here we take a look at some fancy new lock-on grips from Renthal, in their latest bid to see the ‘R’ on your bike cockpit.


“Our Lock-On grips feature CNC aluminium locking collars, permanently integrated with the central core, giving the ultimate all-weather security on the handlebar. The integrated construction eliminates any movement between the grip section and the collars, which could otherwise develop over time. The handlebar grip is your key contact point for controlling your bike. Having a grip suited to your individual demands is hugely important. We developed these four grip compounds to give you the widest choice of any grip” – Renthal Cycling


Renthal Lock On Grips

  • Low profile design
  • Textured surface
  • Grip Diameter: 30mm
  • CNC alloy locking collars
  • Total length: 134mm
  • Grip diameter: 30mm
  • 4 different compounds available: Medium, Soft, Super Comfort, Kevlar (tested)
  • Grip colour based on compound
  • Also available in non-lock on model
  • Made in the UK
  • RRP: $44.95 (Kevlar), $39.95 (Medium, Soft, Super Comfort)


When it comes down to it, there’s only so many ways you can make a handlebar grip, and in all honesty, there’s a lot of already perfectly good mountain bike grips on the market. How do the Renthals differ then? On initial inspection, they don’t differ that much, in fact, they bear a striking resemblance to a certain well-known grip from ODI. Indeed, the Ruffian tread pattern is one of the most loved grips on the market, so it seems silly to deviate much from that. The subtle textured surface of the Renthal grip creates hundreds of tiny contact points across each palm without anything sticking out and potentially causing a rub spot.


Locking collars are integrated into the grips internal sleeve, and are CNC machined from alloy. Each c-clamp is bolted down with a steel 3mm hex bolt, partially to keep everything low profile but also to reduce the chance of ham-fisted wrenches crushing the bar with too much clamp force from a 4 or 5mm bolt.


Renthal make their grips in 4 different compounds; Medium, Soft, Super Comfort and Kevlar (in order of firmest to softest). We have the Kevlar models on test, which are $5 more expensive than the others at $44.95 for the pair. The softer the compound gets, the more tacky the grip and the more absorption they provide out on the trail. This comes at the expense of durability however, so you will wear through softer grips more quickly.


As the softest grip of all, you’d expect the Kevlar grips to wear the fastest. Not so however, as it’s the Kevlar material that actually allows for improved durability, even testing better than the Medium compound grip. The secret is in the rubber compound, where millions of randomly aligned Kevlar resin particles are suspended within the base material. As the grip is used, more of the Kevlar particles become exposed, resisting wear whilst retaining a tacky feel to the touch. The result is a hard-wearing grip that’s sticky and has great absorption qualities. For the $5 extra, they seem like a no brainer to us.


What’s also unique about Renthal Grips is the use of a hollowed out inner core. Several holes are bored into the plastic sleeve that slides over the handlebar, which improves flexibility and allows more of the grips volume to be taken up by the rubber compound, not by plastic. For lovers of a thin and low-profile grip, the Renthal’s will likely appeal.


Ready to be bolted onto a number of different test bikes, the Renthal grips will be going through the torture test over the next few months, and we’ll be reporting on the claims of durability of the Kevlar compound in an upcoming issue of Enduro Magazine. If you like the look of the Renthal’s, you can get a hold of them through any Cassons dealer and to find your nearest stockist, hit them up on the contact details below.

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