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Limited Edition – Bike Tool T-shirt

We’ve got a limited edition print run of T-shirts on offer this week. One colour – one design – limited to 50 T-shirts. 100% cotton quality Gildan T-shirts in small through to Extra Large. A Chocolate T – with black […]

Enduro Magazine Review: Icebreaker Quantam Arm Warmers

Merino wool is to Icebreaker, as what olive oil is to the Greeks. They make absolutely everything out of it and they’re not afraid to tell you it’s the best. The Kiwi’s are well deserving in their reputation though and these […]

Enduro Magazine Review: Squirt Bicycle Chain Lube

Chain lubricant may not be the sexiest product for spending your hard-earned monies on, but it is an essential ingredient for maintaining your mountain bike properly. Given how much you can spend on a high-end bike these days, parting with […]

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Enduro Magazine Review: Schwalbe Airmax Pro Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

“Yeah, yeah. I reckon that’s about right”, says Mark impatiently while he pushes his palm aggressively into the tyre tread. “Right, good to go!” and with that the pump and tools are packed away, followed by us pedalling back along […]

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Enduro Magazine Review: The EVOC Bike Bag

If you’re going to pack your pride and joy for an interstate or overseas adventure, chances are you’ve had a good hard look at one of these. The EVOC Bike Bag is one of the most popular bike packing solutions […]

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Enduro Magazine Review: Formula R1 Disc Brakes

In the latest issue of Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine, we put to the test the latest lightweight stoppers from Italian brake connoisseurs; Formula. The R1 hydraulic disc brakes are a popular option amongst the XC race crowd due to their low […]