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Michael Vanos and Vanessa Thompson claim 2015 Fox Rollercoaster series wins

Michael Vanos and Vanessa Thompson claim the 2015 elite series wins at the Fox Rollercoaster #?Enduro NSW/ACT State Round 5, hydrated by CamelBak at Stromlo Forest Park on Sunday. Ben Cory and Cara Paton take home advantage elite race wins […]

Vanos and Thompson defend series leads in Kempsey

Michael Vanos and Vanessa Thompson have defended their Elite series leads in the Fox Rollercoaster #Enduro NSW/ACT State Series, hydrated by CamelBak in Kempsey. With one more race to go at Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra on 2 August, Thompson […]


DAY 6 /// SOSPEL – MENTON Distance: 38.5km? D+: 1377m? D-: 2238m Mavic Trans­Provence 2015  Day 6 For those of you that have followed previous years’ races and bothered to ??read the press releases (I’m not sure I would with all of the […]

A foggy start with clear and confident winners at Wingello

Not too much changes the pace of life in the sleepy village of Wingello in the Southern Highlands apart from a couple of times per year when the roads and trails hum to the sound of knobby tyres as it’s […]

Mavic Trans-Provence Day 5

DAY 5 /// VALDEBLORE – SOSPEL Distance: 62.9km?D+: 1381m?D-: 4031m??  Mavic Trans-Provence Day 5 Right then. This report is going to be short ish. The day has been LONG. The more we type into the night the less it will make […]


DAY 4 /// VALBERG – VALDEBLORE Distance: 33.2km?D+: 867m?D-: 2902m Mavic Trans-Provence Day 4 First let’s update you on the Shuttle Rally™ (always trademark your inventions). It has become as much a war of attrition on drivers and vehicles as the […]

Mavic Trans-Provence 2015 – The Prologue

Day Zero Have you ever wondered what Mavic Trans-Provence does between the long gap each year between race weeks? Well, apart from running guided weeks following the route of the race, a lot of the year is taken up with […]

Townsville Hot Rocks 24hr : May 2015 by Brett Bellchambers

(or how Townsville has ruined my Canberra winter) All photos for this feature by Russ Baker The week after I got back to Canberra from racing the Hot Rocks 24hr in Townsville we had more hours below zero then we […]