Back in June, Enduro Magazine had the pleasure of meeting David Turner at the Presscamp event in Deer Valley, just outside of Salt Lake City. As well as being introduced to the new Flux and Czar models, we had the opportunity to ride with both Dave and his lovely wife Christina, where we climbed up to the ridgeline of the Wasatch Crest trail before descending about 3500 ft down to the outskirts of SLC. You’ll be able to read our full interview with the main man behind the Turner name in an upcoming issue of Enduro, but right now we’re going to take a look at the release of Turner’s 20th Anniversary, limited edition Burner.

It’s been 20 years now since the first Burner was rolled out of David Turner’s Laguna Beach garage. The original had a whopping 2.75 inches of travel and was considered to be a full-fledged xc trail bike. But for those seeking something a bit more aggressive, a DH rocker upgrade was available to boost it up to a full 3.6 inches of adrenaline pumping travel.  At first it was just called the ‘Turner’ until a Mountain Bike Action review dubbed it the ‘Turner Burner’ and thus a new breed was born.

Jeremy Purdy riding the Mammoth Kamikaze on a Burner with DH rockers

With the rebirth of the Burner last year, it not only gained the dw-link but it also adopted 27.5 inch wheels with 5.5 inches of trail loving travel. The new Burner was quickly acknowledged to not only pedal with superb efficiency but to handle with the prowess of a gravity built machine. Even David Turner was caught off guard believing in not only of the legitimacy of the new wheel size but the ability of the dw-link kinematics Dave Weagle tuned specifically for this new bloodline of the Burner pedigree.This Limited Edition Polished Burner is to Celebrate 20 Years of American-made Bikes. In 1993 the Burner was born with 2.75” of travel, in 2013 it has been reborn with 27.5” wheels and a hunger to devour any trail. There’s only one way to describe it. . .  Full-Time Fun!( The image above is Turner Rider Jeremy Purdy racing the DH Burner down the infamous Mammoth Kamikaze course )20th_burner_20th-decal_1280

Despite the 20 year history, one thing at Turner Bicycles certainly hasn’t changed, and that’s beautifully built, handmade alloy full suspension mountain bikes. Whereas so many of Turner’s original competitors have caved in to Asian production, the small Californian company is still dedicated to producing high-tech mountain bikes complete with the handbuilt touch.


Key to Turner’s ongoing success is the adoption of new technologies to maintain performance gains. That includes the dw-link rear suspension design and the adoption of the 142x12mm thru-axle standard through the entire range a couple of seasons ago. Being a smaller company, Turner has the ability to introduce these changes relatively quickly in comparison to a mass-production brand.


The level of craftmanship on the Burners (and any Turners) alloy frame is clearly evident. Neat cable routing is always a sign of attention to detail in our books, rather than being an afterthought that so many other brands get away with.


The high polish frame signifies the limited edition nature of the 20th Anniversary Burner, and is your chance to own a little piece of history. Oh, and a shit-hot mountain bike too!


DT Swiss RWS 142x12mm thru-axle out back and post mount disc brake. Note the replaceable barrel nuts inside the post mount bracket in case you strip a thread.


Lots of CNC glory around the business-end of the Burner frame, as well as neatly hidden Zerk inserts for greasing the suspension pivots.

If you’re currently sweating just looking at these photos, you can place your preorder for one of the Burner 20th Anniversary frames through Turner Bikes, though you’ll have to get in quick! For more information on the bike itself, head to the Turner website for more info.

Turner Bikes
Phone: 0011 1(951) 677-1711