Name: Justin Walker
Age: 44
Height: 182cm
Builld: Heavy
From: Allambie Heights, NSW
How would your mates describe your riding style? Rough and loose!
Favourite bike: Santa Cruz 5010 v1
Best trail you’ve ridden: Tathra, NSW
Best race you’ve competed in: Mont 24
Baggies or nicks? Flats or clips? Baggies (nicks sometimes) Clips
Jersey pocket or backpack contents: pump, tube, apple, water, tyre levers, multi-tool
Favourite post-ride food: Tuna & egg sandwich (I know, boring!)
Drink of choice: 4 Pines Pale Ale
What’s your post-ride recovery process? Usually drink a heap of water, then head off to the beach for some bodysurfing
What else does ITB stand for? Into the Bike

Mont 24 2014

Mont 24 2014

Most memorable experience on a bike: Riding Vancouver’s North Shore, Canada, with Wade Simmons and Andreas Hestler on some of their “secret tracks”.
What’s the worst crash you’ve ever had? Forgot to tell the bike mechanic in Vancouver that us Aussies have our brakes set up “moto-style”; in the northern hemisphere they ride with the rear brake lever on the right. I forgot numerous times on the North Shore and went over the bars big-time at the end of the ride, landing on my head – with the bike on top of me – right in front of Wade Simmons.
Dream race? BC Bike Race, Canada
Dream destination? Moab, Utah
Why do you ride? Just love getting out on the trails for a few hours. It’s a great way to unwind, enjoy the bush, and get some fitness and fun each day.





Name: Anna Beck
Age: 29
Height: 168cm
Builld: “athletic”. That will do.
From: Brisbane, QLD.
How would your mates describe your riding style? I don’t know, I will ask them. Friend responses: “The human air Hoover”, “Tropical, like bananas”, “Tommy Voekler does MTB but noisier with more tongue”. I have some strange friends.
Favourite bike: A nippy hardtail or a nimble trail bike with a bit of squish.
Best trail youve ridden: All the trails in Alice Springs are pretty exceptional. Maybe if Alice Springs was propped up on an angle and had a little more elevation then it would be perfect!
Best race youve competed in: Any race when the planets align and you’re able to shred the descents and bury yourself on the climbs in the flow state.
Baggies or nicks? Flats or clips? Baggies for enduro-ing, otherwise bibs. Clips 4 eva.
Jersey pocket or backpack contents: Spares: tube, canister, multi-tool; phone, muesli bar/s, old muesli bar wrappers.
Favourite post-ride food: Coffee and whatever I can grab quickly! Weekend it’s super-suss banana pancakes. They’re like regular pancakes but with sustagen and bananas in them.
Drink of choice: Triple espresso.
Whats your post-ride recovery process? Hop into shower while brushing teeth, get into work attire; while downing a coffee, grab something for breakfast. Maybe stretch after 12 (or 13, or 14…) hours at work. Maybe.
What else does ITB stand for? In the box. In the buff. Irritable turd burger. Illiotibial Band.
Most memorable experience on a bike: Anytime you land a sweet jump or nail something new and challenging.
Whats the worst crash youve ever had? Landed on my face at a very wet and muddy National Series at Illanbah. Don’t remember much, think I was a bit concussed.
Dream race? Where the climbs are an indescribable glorious hurt; the descents smooth, and on the limit of control.
Dream destination? Finale ligure, Arizona and Colorado.
Why do you ride? Not for anybody else. Not for sponsorship. Not for accolades. Not for Strava ‘kudos’. I ride for health (physical and mental), for the challenge, to race, to be a good role model for my kid, athletes I coach and patients I deal with every day; for stress management, and to experience the ‘real’ of nature. So much of life is choreographed and scripted, riding peels away the bullshit, it’s life unedited.