WEEKEND Pro:  Russell Nankervis.


Age:  21. Height: 193cm   Build:  Tall and skinny.

From: Bendigo, Victoria

How would your mates describe your riding style? Most would probably describe my body as all ‘arms and legs’ given my tall shape! In saying that I am always keen to challenge myself and am always looking at ways of having fun on the trail, whether in a race or in just boosting a natural feature out on the trail.   

Favourite bike: I love pure XC machines and of the last few years have loved the Giant XTC hard tail range. I am also very fond of playful dually’s.

Best trail you’ve ridden: A few key places come to mind, but I’ve got to say the trails in the forests of Bendigo are certainly unique: rocks everywhere, steep pinches and loads of dust. Other places that come to mind are Bright, Woodend and Castlemaine for the ultimate pine forest experience.

Best race you’ve competed in: The Cairns World Cup round this year was definitely the best race experience with such an elaborate course, big crowds and the chance to race against good mates and my brother.

Baggies or nicks? Mostly nicks in training and racing, though when I get a light day or it’s wet, baggies are my choice.

Flats or clips? Flats as a beginner, though throw those over your shoulder if you wanna climb!

Jersey pocket or backpack contents: Phone, spare tube, light multi tool, coffee change and bars/gels.

Favourite post-ride grub: Pasta/tuna dish anything with bulk carbs and protein.

Drink of choice: On the bike, Torq Electrolytes go down well, off the bike beer goes down even better!

What’s your post-ride recovery process? It’s all about time and the depth of the session. Once off the bike I try to have a quick snack before 10 minutes of stretching, then a shower and a meal with plenty of water on hand.   

What else does ITB stand for? Into The Bars? As opposed to “Over The Bars”

Most memorable experience on a bike: There have been a few but I would have to go back to my bike touring trips in South East Asia. The day I rode south from Luang Prabang in Laos was a pretty memorable riding experience. Having left in the dark I rode through many mountain passes along with another Canadian cyclist. We each got caught out though and ended up riding the last hour through the high Lao mountains completely in the dark.    

What’s the worst crash you’ve ever had?  I’ve been pretty lucky with nothing too serious though a few years ago I did break both bones in my arm quite badly, with an OTB (Ed: or was that an ITB?) incident.

Dream race? Probably an XCO World Championship and to do the whole European World Cup series leg, as those rounds would have the best atmosphere. Later this year my brother and I will be heading to the island of Langkawi in Malaysia, for the Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge which we are both pretty pumped on!

Dream destination? I hope to do much more traveling by bike, exploring places like North Queensland, and Western Australia. Internationally, both Europe and Canada are places my brother and I have considered.

Why do you ride? I ride for the independence and because across all cycling disciplines if you put in the effort you will get results. – ENDuromag