With its distinct pink coloured branding, UK company Muc-Off is easily the most recognisable bike cleaner on the market. Originally starting out with that classic pink bike wash solution, the Muc-Off range has evolved to include a huge line of various cleaners, degreasers, lubricants and bike care products that are all designed to keep your bike clean and running in tip-top condition. Muc-Off has quickly established itself in Australia, though after a brief hiatus they are now available again through Melbourne-based distributor Sheppards Cycles. While you’ll be able to get your hands on most of the range from any Avanti Plus store, Sheppards will be distributing the Muc-Off brand through bike shops all around the country. The other good news is that pricing has come down a little, with 1 litre bottles of Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner retailing for $14.99, though for the fanatics you can also get the magical pink cleaner in a 5 litre ($39.99) or a whopping 25 litre shop-friendly tub for $169.99.


In addition to the pink stuff, Muc-Off make a range of drivetrain cleaners and degreasers, as well as a Disc Brake specific aerosol. This solution is ideal for removing any contaminants from your disc rotors or pads, as it evaporates any oil or grease residue. The formula is specifically made for bicycle disc brakes, as oppose to the harsher formula you’ll find at automotive shops. A 400ml bottle retails for $14.99.


Never underestimate having the right tools for the job. And if that job is removing all the dirt and filth from your steed in preparation for an upcoming race, do yourself a favour and put down the tooth brush. After spraying your bike with some water and a layer of Muc-Off Bike Cleaner, their brush kit is ideal for agitating any stubborn dirt that has been caked onto the frame, or sticky grease that’s made a home on your cassette. There are 3 and 5-brush kits available, as well as individual brushes. The big and soft Premium brush is our recommendation for an all-over bike cleaner, as it’s quite gentle on your frames painted surfaces.bike-spray.jpg

After cleaning up the mess you’ve made, a good idea is to prep the bike so that it doesn’t end up in such a state in the first place. Muc-Off ‘Bike Spray’ is a specific after-wash treatment for your bike, and is formulated with teflon (P.T.F.E) to build up a shiny and slippery layer on your frame, forks, wheels and driveline to ensure that dirt doesn’t stick to it in the first place. Of course you don’t want this anywhere near your disc brakes, but for everywhere else, go nuts! A 500ml can retails for $12.99, and its a must-have for riders wanting their bike to run efficiently for the duration of a marathon or enduro race.dry-lube.jpg

There’s also a large range of chain lubricants from the British brand, with dry & wet lubes, as well as a brand new C3 ceramic lube that is regarded as one of the most durable lubes on the market. Pricing varies from $7.99-$14.99.dry-shower.jpg

Some of the coolest products in the Muc-Off range are less cycling related, with a rider-care range that includes helmet and shoe fresheners, shower scrubs and even sunglasses cleaners. Our favourite would have to be the Dry Shower product though, which as Muc-Off states; “it’s like a shower in a bottle!” This little can of goodness would be a godsend out at riding events, or even for the back of the car for when you need to freshen up after a ride before bombarding a public bar with your stench.

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