NEW_LR587A6629If you are like me, you tend to have a couple of items on your handlebars to assist with the ride. Personally, I run a bike computer and a light. If you have OCD tendencies or just want to free up some real estate on the handlebars then the Morsa Designs mount may just be of interest to you.

Comprising of a mounting arm and the mount adaptors both made of carbon composite nylon, you have a very simple, yet effective way of streamlining your bars. The mounting arm allows for two mount adaptors to be fitted to it which can be customised in a variety of ways to suit how you wish to run the added accessories. You can also get action camera mounts to suit some of the most popular units. All up, you can fit two mounting adaptors to run on the mounting arm.


It took all of five minutes to fit the mounting arm and the adapters. It may have taken just a little longer to figure out where I wanted things to be mounted! Do I put the computer closer or further away from me?! The mounting arm has enough scope to allow you to move forward and aft as well as rotate the accessory. Where this comes in very handy is for viewing angles for things like computers and beam angles for lights. You are not tied in to just one setting.

morsa front-side on

After fitting the mounting arm to the bike I set about fitting the Garmin Computer Mount Adaptor and the Universal 31.8mm mount adaptor to the arm. The first one should be pretty self explanatory. The Universal mount essentially mimics that bit of handlebar (31.8mm of course) that you mount your current fitting \ bracket to. It is such an incredibly simple design and concept that actually does work.

morsa front on

In the photos you can see how I have mounted my Garmin on the top and furthest away on the mounting arm. This is mainly because it is where my gaze should be – closer to out front and on the road. Not on the stem. My Lezyne light is mounted on the universal 31.8 adaptor and to the rear of the mounting arm. This is mainly to keep the weight low and back so as not to adversely affect the steering input.

I’ve had the mount fitted on my road bike now for a month. I am a set and forget sort of guy so once I got it to be adjusted to my liking, I have just left it. And, it continues to simply work. I like how it has decluttered the top of the handlebar. All you have is the approximately one centimetre wide mounting arm showing on your bar top. Very nice!

morsa side on

So, is this the perfect accessory? It is pretty damn close. There is one thing that bugs me. The Garmin mount adaptor has a little bit of float built into the mounting point. This causes the computer to rattle when you ride along. This has been done on purpose to protect the Garmin mounting ‘ears’ in case of a knock or crash. I buffered this out with a sheet of thin plastic to stop the rattle because that was not appealing to me. I provided some feedback to the Australian Distributor, FullBeam, and they have already passed this back directly to Morsa Designs who will be reshaping the molds to make the interface a little bit tighter. In theory, I understand why the float was incorporated to the design, but in the case of a crash, the GPS ears are probably going to be least of my concerns.

The mounting hardware comes in a nice anodized blue for the shims that the bolts sit in. A request was made for colours other than blue to be made available so that people could match to their bike. It is not a major issue, but you know how OCD tendencies go!

In summarising, the Morsa Mounting arm and adaptors solve a problem that exists for many. It is inexpensive, lightweight and very strong. It is stealthy and sits on the handlebars quietly doing its thing. Most definitely worth a look if you like things looking neat and tidy or if you are a bit tight on space on the bars for the added accessories of the modern cyclist.

The mounting system rail and 2 mounts retails for $59.00 or with just a Garmin mount for $44.00

To find out more about this innovative system contact the guys at