Jenni King has been racing for a long time now… Hell, she first turned a pedal in anger before the start of this millenium.
Jenni  continues to have a very successful career; as an Australian Champion in both XCO and XCM disciplines, represented Australia at world cups, to name but a few of her achievements – maybe even a dabble in a few gravity enduros this year.
With a new bike sponsor we caught up for a quick Q & A session, to find out the lowdown on riding for Canyon Bikes.


Racing at HellFire Cup

Rider name:  Jenni King
Age: 36 Team: PedalLab
Bike(s): Grand Canyon SLX & Canyon Lux CF
Years racing: 16


Top 5 results:
2012 XCO National Champion,
2011 and 2013 XCM National Champion,
2015 Otway Odyssey winner,
2014 & 2015 Kowalski Classic winner
2012 Wildside winner


Three events you’re excited about this season: Over summer I will aim for National XCO and XCM Championships as well as the Cairns World Cup and then I will focus on gearing up for Marathon World Champs.

 You’re heading out for an epic five-hour ride, what do you take? Some sort of GPS; Im not known for my sense of direction.

 Pedal system? Ritchey

What is PedalLab? PedalLab is primarily a coaching business. I design training programs for road and mountain bike athletes, analyze training data, conduct power tests, run skills sessions, provide bike set-ups and make custom-fit cycling orthotics.

How important are orthotic footbeds for cyclists? If a cyclist suffers over-use injury it may well be due to poor foot mechanics and orthotics can help in many cases. Orthotics can also improve performance by improving joint alignment and distributing the load to where it is needed, thereby increasing power to the pedals.

 Do you set your suspension hard ‘n’ fast or soft ‘n’ slow? My RS1 forks are set at around 50 psi. I like to run them fairly soft and use lock out quite a bit

 What is the most underrated/least flashy bit of gear you use and couldn’t do without? I wear a 7mm extra insole in my left shoe. If I didnt I would probably ride around in circles.

Favorite bike of all time? My current Grand Canyon fits me like a glove and handles better than any previous bike. I also have an old-school 26 inch custom made Titanium Revel at 7.8kg, thats pretty sweet

Favorite bike accessory? The new Evil Eye Pro Adidas sunnies

Favourite bike technology? Sram Quarq Power Meter. It has been a valuable trainer partner over the last few years

Number of gears? 1 x 11

Jenni raced with Karen Hill in the womens elite pairs for the win at Hellfire Cup

Jenni raced with Karen Hill in the womens elite pairs for the win at Hellfire Cup and a nice fat $4,000- cheque

What does a road bike mean to you? Not much at the moment. My current road bike has sat on the wind-trainer for the last 6months. This may well change though once I get onboard the Canyon Roadie

You get a new mountain bike. What parts do you swap straight away? Seat (comfort is a must)
Handle-bar width (I am a little old-school with narrow 600mm)
30 tooth front chain ring (I dont produce much power)

Any custom tricks on your bike?
Tune seat post, seat clamp, handlebars, bottle cage, hubs. All making for a light, reliable bike.

What are you most anal about with bike setup? I am actually very anal with everything to do with bike set-up. It takes me a good few weeks of tweaking before I am totally satisfied. With my dodgy hip, I would say that seat-tilt is something I like to especially get correct.

What’s the worst mechanical you’ve ever had? I once got my foot caught in b/w spokes of my front wheelIm not quite sure how? A fellow competitor kindly stopped to untangle me.

What’s the worst crash you’ve had? I smashed my pelvis and femur last year while practicing for a World Cup in South Africa. It still gives me some pain and I will still need further surgery, but for now it is holding up.

What would you love to see invented?  Gluten free bread that tastes good