You know the old saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely? Well if that really is the case, Full Beam has gotta be one of the most corrupt off-road lighting companies on the market! The Scottish brand is relatively new to the mountain bike scene, but they’ve quickly caused a stir thanks to their mega powerful rechargeable LED lights that are claiming some of the biggest power outputs on the market. With all of their lights being hand made in Scotland and covered by a two year warranty, Full Beam are certainly aiming for the higher end part of the lighting market. Full Beam have recently become available in Australia, and we’ve been sent 3 different models to put to the test over the summer season to see just how bright these things are.


“When only the best will do. We created the Night-Nemesis X12 as a demonstration of our capabilities, not as a serious product. Who needs over 4000 Lumens? Well, it seems, quite a few riders do. New for 2013 – The X12 receives an upgrade in the form of the second generation XPG LED from Cree, the XP-G2. What this means in terms of performance is that the World’s Brightest Bike Light now produces more light for the same energy consumption which gives you two benefits; 1. Even more light 2. Ability to run on lower power levels to extend run-times.” – Full Beam


The X-12 features:

  • 4500+ Lumens
  • 12 x Cree XP-G2 LEDs
  • Samsung 5200mAh Lithium Ion 8-cell battery pack
  • Handlebar specific light
  • Glass lens
  • Run times: 1:30 (4500 Lumens), 4:00 (2000 Lumens), 10:00 (1000 Lumens)
  • 3 hour charge time
  • Includes: Head unit, battery pack, 1m extension cable and user guide
  • RRP: $1,099 (Special Introductory offer of $899)


The X-12 is the mac-daddy of the range, featuring an incredible 4500 Lumens of power! To achieve that power, Full Beam have packed in 12 brand new Cree XP-G2 LED’s, which has raised power over the previous version of the same light. Along with the increase in power, the X-12 also receives a much neater CNC alloy quick release handlebar bracket, which matches the heat-sink alloy head unit. While the numbers are certainly impressive with the X-12, it’s the delivery of those Lumens that Full Beam are really excited about. They don’t have any specific figures for the beam angle on their website, but their claim is that the X-12 delivers both a tenacious throw and flood to the beam pattern, whereas many other so-called ‘high-powered’ lights deliver a much more focussed ray of light. It’s all very well having the power, but the trick is using that power effectively.


The fit and finish on the Full Beam lights is well executed, if a little industrial. Case in point are the wire connectors, which are well overbuilt with a 4-pin plug that threads on to secure it to the light body.


“We created the Nightfire to be a helmet mounted alternative to the Night-Nemesis – robust, powerful, long-running with a massively wide beam” – Full Beam


The Nightfire Pro features:

  • 2500+ Lumens
  • 7 x Cree XP-G LEDs
  • Samsung 2600mAh Lithium Ion 4-cell ‘Race’ battery pack, or 5200Ah Lithium Ion 8-cell ‘Enduro’ battery pack
  • Helmet or handlebar mounting
  • Glass lens
  • Run times: 2:30 (2100 Lumens), 10:00 (695 Lumens), 72:00 (125 Lumens)
  • 3 hour charge time
  • Includes: Head unit, battery pack, 1.1m extension cable and user guide
  • RRP: $699 (Special Introductory offer of $599)


Sharing a very similar aesthetic with the X-12, the Nightfire Pro is essentially the helmet version. It uses a more compact head unit with 7 LED’s to deliver a claimed 2500 Lumens. There’s a single button on the back of the light unit, which aside from flicking the light on and off and scrolling through high/med/low settings, also allows you to access various programmable lighting modes.


A sturdy CNC alloy bracket uses rubber bumpers for where it meets the helmet shell, and a swag of O-rings are included in the case for you to attach the light to different shaped vents.


“Fusion with SpeedLED uses innovation to increase range and brightness beyond anything achievable by lights of a similar size and weight. Look in our Tech section to find out more about SpeedLED. Fusion with SpeedLED produces up to 3000 Lumens of light, weighs less than 400g and is powered by a battery integrated into the main lamp unit. Despite its compact size and lightweight it has typical run-times of 4-5 hours. It is the brightest self-contained bike light (having a built-in battery) available anywhere.” – Full Beam


The Fusion Speed LED features:

  • 3000+ Lumens
  • 3 x Cree XML LEDs
  • Internal Lithium Ion battery
  • Handlebar specific
  • Glass lens
  • Run times: Approximately 4 hours with automated speed sensor
  • 2 hour charge time
  • Includes: Head unit, battery pack, 1.1m extension cable and user guide
  • Claimed weight: sub-400 grams
  • RRP: $699 (Special Introductory offer of $599)


Likely the most interesting model of the range for most riders, the Fusion Speed LED light is a handlebar specific light that uses adaptive light technology to control its 3000 Lumens of power. A wired speed sensor plugs into the back of the light body, and you strap the other end to your fork like you would a trip computer. A magnet bolts onto the spoke, and it allows the light to measure the speed you’re travelling at. This allows the light to adjust its power output depending on how fast you’re going; more power for high speeds, less power for low speeds. It’s all about extracting more run time out of the internal battery, and Full Beam claim around a 4-hour burn time on the automated setting. Want to switch power outputs manually? Flick it into manual mode and you’ve got the usual high/med/low settings at the control of a button.

We’ll be putting the Full Beam range to the test over the summer season, so look out for our review in Issue #27 of Enduro magazine. In the meantime, you can contact Full Beam Australia via the details below. For those who are interested in testing out these lights for yourself, Full Beam have a ‘Try before you buy’ program, with a commitment-free, 72-hour trial of any lights in the range. Just don’t complain if you end up setting any trees on fire with all those lumens!

Full Beam Australia
Website: www.full-beam.com
Email: australia@full-beam.com
Phone: 0402 046 422
Twitter: @fullbeamlights