If you’re going to work on your pride and joy, you’re going to want the right tools for the job. There’s no point trying to bleed your sweet new XTR disc brakes or tune an XX-1 rear derailleur while attempting to balance a dirty mountain bike on your mums kitchen table. Nope, for that task you need a steady and adjustable repair stand to position your bike in just the right position. Feedback Sports will be a name familiar to bicycle mechanics all around the country, as one of the go-to options for a high quality bicycle repair stand.


Based out of Golden in Colorado, Feedback Sports was founded by Doug Hudson in 2004 when he developed the Alpine Digital Scale in order to weight bikes and components. Taking over the Ultimate Bike Support brand in 2008, Doug took on the existing range of bicycle repair stands with the goal of refining and improving those models. A few years later, and his products are renowned as some of the leading workstands available around the globe. Feedback Sports is unique in the sense that they pretty much only make bicycle repair and storage stands, unlike Park Tools and Topeak for example, who have a whole range of other bicycle tools and accessories.


Feedback Sports make no less than 6 different repair stands, with slight variations in the design to suit different purposes. The model you see here on test is the Pro Elite Work Stand, which is based on the classic foldable repair stand design, with a number of neat features to justify the name and it’s premium price tag. Obviously its most distinctive feature is the red anodized alloy tubing, which not only looks trick when you pull it out of the included carry bag, it is also much more resistant to washing and wet weather use given that the alloy will not rust.


The Pro Elite work stand is entirely adjustable. It comes with three fold-out legs that allow you to adjust the base area of the stand, and a heigh-adjustable central tube to set the clamp at the necessary height. The clamp head features 360-degree tilt adjustment where it mounts to the central tube, and the red plastic clamps use a sliding mechanism to allow them to fit onto nearly any sized tube on your frame or seat post.


This is the feature that shop mechanics love; the push-release button for the clamp head. When removing the bike, simply press on the button to release the spring-loaded clamp mechanism.


A simple dial allows you to clamp down onto the frame or seat post. If you need to tilt the bikes angle while it’s in the stand, use the dial on the other side of the central tube to loosen, rotate, then tighten up the main clamp.

P1060375We’ll have more details to come on the Pro Elite Stand from Feedback Sports, which you’ll be able to read about in our upcoming issue of Enduro Magazine. For more information on the stand and other Feedback Sports products, hit up Aussie distributor; Echelon Sports on the contact details below.

Echelon Sports
Website: www.EchelonSports.com.au
Email: info@echelonsports.com.au
Phone: (07) 3902 1155