Brand: e*thirteen
Model: Extended Range (EX) Cog and Guidring

Less is more, or is there more in less?? Tailoring drivetrain to suit where and how you ride has never been easier, or with as many options. Since the advent of the 1×11 groupset a few companies have jumped on board and developed ways to get more range out of your rear cassette without having to replace your whole drivetrain and convert or adapt your hub. If you are running a 10 speed drivetrain with a clutched derailleur the e*thirteen Extended Range (EX) Cog and dual width Guidering M are designed to convert your current bike to a 1×10 drivetrain with a gear range that is 1 tooth off SRAM’s 1X11 cassette.


The Guidering M is a dual width tooth (narrow wide) front chainring that has a 104 BCD to fit most cranks and is available in 30 to 38 tooth in 2 tooth increments. The dual width teeth hold a 10 speed chain securely in place and is also compatible with 8, 9 and 11 speed chains. A neat feature is the thickness of the chainring and the offsetting of the teeth making it reversible to adjust your chainline by 1mm. This doesn’t sound like much but it can make a big difference.



Onto the EX rear cog, they are available in 40 and 42 tooth for Shimano and 42 tooth for SRAM. A little more thought needs to go into the set up of this cog onto your cassette. Firstly you need to use a cassette that doesn’t have all the cogs attached to the spider, so some individual mid-high range cogs are removable. To add the EX cog another cog needs to be sacrificed. A 15 or 17 tooth cog is recommended. Once installed the set up of the rear derailleur will have to be adjusted to suit the addition of this massive cog.


So far the EX cog and Guidering have been running smoothly, without any faults of their own on my X9 clutched drivetrain. Once dialed in the up and down shift on the EX cog are smooth, testament to the subtle ramping on the cog. The process of simplifying the drivetrain to one derailleur is a very cathartic experience. A cleaner handlebar and no front derailleur are definite aesthetic pluses. The addition of a 42 tooth on the cassette doesn’t quite give me the same range as the previous 2X setup but it is so close that it is enough. The only downside I can see with this setup is if you run hubs with a soft, aluminum cassette body, the EX cog won’t effect it but your choice of cassette might…
If you are currently running a 10speed drivetrain with a clutched rear derailleur, this is an inexpensive way to experience the simplicity of a wide range 1X set up.

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