Launched in 2005 off the back of success on a retail level, The Bicycle Peddler is a wholesaler made up of the charismatic father-son team of John & Dean Yeomans. The Yeomans import & distribute a whole bunch of different brands in Australia, including Rubena tyres, Tifosi Optics, Boesheild T9 lubricants, Lightweight carbon wheels, Polar bottles, DeFeet socks & Gloworm lights amongst others.


We currently have a couple of different Tifosi sunglasses on review, though there is a truly massive range on offer. Tifosi is an American based company, and in terms of sports-related optics, is one of the biggest brands in the world. They make glasses with interchangeable frames, photo-chromatic lenses, open frames, closed frames, multiple widths and literally heaps more. They also occupy a nice middle-ground when it comes to quality cycling glasses, with most of their range sitting between $80-$140.


Science in Sport isn’t a nutrition brand that we’re too familiar with, but the British company has a comprehensive range that has just been given the go-ahead for sale in Australia after passing the strict food regulation laws.


SIS make a large-volume gel packet that is designed to be taken without need for additional water. They also contain electrolytes in order to provide you with both energy and hydration in the one hit. Just after a flavoured drink to replace all the salts you sweat out on a ride? In a trend that we’re hoping to see continue, SIS are offering an Isotonic drink in a tablet form, that simply drops into and dissolves in your bottle or hydration bladder. Super convenient and small enough to throw into your backpack.


For those who shred through their nutrition, SIS make a conventional Isotonic drink powder called “Go Electrolyte”. Available in Tropical, Blackcurrant and Lemon/Lime flavours, the powder dissolves in water at a specific ratio to create an Isotonic solution that is readily absorbed into your bodies cells for rapid rehydration. The flavours are supposedly light on the stomach, and while the drink does contain carbs, it’s main aim is to deliver those minerals and electrolytes quickly and efficiently into your blood stream.


After a tough ride or race, the SIS ‘Rego Rapid Recovery’ is a protein-based recovery drink designed to repair damaged muscle tissue and build muscle strength. Developed with the input from British Olympian Chris Boardman, there are Chocolate and Vanilla flavours available.


Rubena is still a relatively new brand on Aussie shores, and to the international tyre market for that matter. Established near the turn of the 20th century, the Czech brand made a name for itself initially manufacturing rubber for various automotive industries, and now cycling too. Ben Henderson, brother to the same Bec Henderson who took out the U23 World Cup overall title, made the trip down from Canberra to come speak everything tyre-related at the AusBike expo. In the above photo, Ben is checking out a copy of the latest issue of Enduro with his sister on the front cover….in lycra….weirdo.


This is hardly a product for mountain bikers to get excited about, but the Gaadi split tube will be a revelation in the commuter market. Made by Rubena, the Gaadi tube won itself some accolades at the recent Eurobike expo, due to its patented design that will become a must-have for users of internal gear hubs and electric bikes.


The challenge in making a split tube comes from producing a consistent thickness and a firm construction for each end. As you air up the tube, it has to stay a consistent shape all the way round so that each end of the tubes meet together neatly so that you don’t end up with a bulge in the tyre casing. The result? An ability to take off the tyre and replace the tube without having to remove the rear wheel. And if you have a 30kg electric bike that has all sorts of nuts and bolts that require removal just to take the wheel off, these will be a godsend.


For a new brand in Australia, the Rubena name is quickly rising to peoples attention due to sponsorship of various mountain bike racing events around the country, and their previous sponsorship of Dan McConnell & Bec Henderson. Dan & Bec both rode Rubena at the 2012 London Olympics, though are now on Bontrager rubber due to the sponsorship through the Trek Factory Racing team. We’ve had a few on test lately, including the toothy Rubena Kratos tyre and the ‘4 Endurance’ model that builds in thicker side walls for more support and durability. The Scylla is proving to be the most popular of the range over here though, with a fast-rolling tread pattern and confident cornering blocks that is available in 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ diameters.


Rubena also make two different rubber compounds for each tyre, with the Black being the standard model, and the ‘Greyline’ coming with a softer rubber compound for each side of the outer tread. While Rubena make a ‘Tubeless Supra’ model with thicker beads that more securely lock into tubeless rims, word on the street is that the standard ‘Racing Pro’ model seals up quite well, whilst coming in a bit lighter and a bit cheaper.


The Charybois is not a common tread pattern in Australia, and that’s simply because it is more designed for wet and muddy conditions. It comes in a narrower 2.0″ width, and features a slightly blockier tread that sits somewhere between the Scylla and Kratos tread patterns.


As we reported back in August, we’ve been testing a pair of Gloworm lights that you’ll be able to read about in our upcoming issue. The X1 and X2 LED lights from New Zealand company Gloworm have impressed us with their punchy outputs and compact designs. News from Gloworm is that there will be an additional Xs joining the range (not pictured), with 3 Cree LED’s to deliver a massive 2200 claimed Lumens of power. Both the X2 and X1 lights have been upped in power, lifting to 1500 Lumens and 950 Lumens respectively, though we’re awaiting confirmation on availability and price. Also of news is that there is now a CNC machined alloy handlebar mount as an upgrade to the stock rubber O-Ring mount that is pictured above.


Lube is lube right? Wrong! The T9 lubricant from Boeshield has been in heavy demand from bike shop mechanics all around Australia, as it’s slick formula developed by Boeing (yep – the same people who make planes!) has proven to be both extremely quiet on the chain and long lasting too. Expect a review from our experience in an upcoming “lube-off”…

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